Storm Eunice Red Warning & Electrical Safety in your home

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East Midlands

East Midlands

Call to Report Power cut to 105, 0800 6783 105 or online 24/7

Check your regional information on Public must stay well clear from power lines and anyone spotting a damaged power line needs to report it immediately.

If you are flooded call 999, check if you are in a flood risk area.

Make sure you know how to turn off your Gas, Electricity and Water.

Be prepared for power cuts! Make sure you know all the emergency phone numbers and you home insurance company numbers. Fully charge your mobile phone and electrical devices to be able to use, find your torch, get your first aid kit and medication ready, make sure you have food available to eat without cooking and fill up those hot water bottles for cup of teas.

Surge Protection Device

How can you prepare your home electricity?

Check if your Fuse box/Consumer units has Surge Protection Device (SPD) Fitted. This is currently one of the best electrical protective device you can have for your home in these circumstances.

If you do not have one, unplug your smart home appliances and switch off the unused circuits, otherwise it may cause damage to your appliances and can even be the cause of house fire.

We highly recommend to make sure your wiring system, consumer unit and general system is in good condition, well maintained and ask a Registered Electrician only to check your consumer unit and carry out a full EICR in your home. Please note that insurance companies do check if your home electricity has been well maintained after a house fire and having an EICR report/certification received from a Registered Electrician is vital during a claim! Landlords must have EICRin every 5 years and should give a copy of this to every tenant.

Overloaded Circuit Signs

Signs of Power Surge damages:

Unfortunately, these devices may suffer irreversible damage, so fitting Surge Protection Device (SPD) is the only way to protect our home and devices from this.

For more information on electrical safety and how to get regular maintenance, testing and protection please get in touch.

You must check if your electrician is qualified and also registered to carry out Domestic work under Part P and he must be registered with one of the 5 main organization, which you can check on the Competent Person scheme here.

Please Feel free to contact Cavendish Eletricals & Services and send us an enquiry through our web page. If you have any question you can email us to or you can call us on 015 3648 3348.

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