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Cavendish Electricals & Services is a NAPIT registered (Competent Person Scheme Registered) Electrical Contractor providing Domestic Part P Building Compliance Certificate for all our work in residential premises. All outdoor electrical works are Notifiable and must be certified by a competent person scheme registered electrician or an inspector from the local council. 

Garage Converted Office Electric Installation
Outbuilding Electrical Installation

Garage Converted Office Electrical Installation

If you are thinking of turning your garage into an office and you need some advice we are here to help. Cavendish Electricals & Services is NAPIT Registered Domestic Electrician and we will equip you with useful information.

Outbuildings generally require Additional Consumer Unit installation and install new lighting circuit(s), power supply for servers, computers and general sockets. The right size of power supply for the new office is quite important and siting the correct lights, sockets and electric heating. For heating, we recommend Electric Ceramic Digital WiFi Enabled Wall Heaters and Infrared Panels in case there is a lack of space like we had in a workshop installation below.  

The Garage Converted Office Fusebox size with the right amount of circuits creates a safe and convenient new space which lasts for decades. We recommend contacting us before the conversion work starts and we can arrange a Free Site Visit and then a two stage Electrical Installation. 

Workshop Electric Installation

Workshop Electrical Installation

Depending of your need we can help and advise you on workshop electrical installation. Whether you will use machinery (inductive load) or you welding machine (resistive load) we are able size the workshop power supply, MCBs (Miniature Circuit Breaker) with time delayed RCD. We can run conductors in conduits or trunking depending of your preference and the type of work you will carry out in the workshop.
The right amount of light and heating also play very important part in the workshop electrical design and installation. 

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Garden Power and Lighting Installation

Our company is specialised in outdoor lighting installations including surface mounted wall lights, flood lights, path and driveway lighting. We can also install power to any outbuildings or outdoor entertaining spaces. For garden lights we recommend the "Smart" way of doing it by using Application WiFi enabled LED lights for easy and entertaining purposes like Philips Hue (Lily).
Garden Feature Lights play an important part of your home, it can add value and create a showcase of your garden. Bespoke external light design plays with shadows and use secondary light reflecting from the wall or landscape lighting on your plants and foliage of your tree.

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