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From 1st September 2023, T5 and T8 fluorescent tubes will be phased out altogether. All business owners are required to source alternative lighting solutions and discard them as hazardous waste, or through structured recycling to be compliant... Read more


Surge Protection Device are used to protect the electrical installation, which consists of the Consumer Unit (Fusebox), Wiring System and Appliances, from electrical power surges known as... Read more


The camera records in full 2K HD, so you can see even the smallest details. Color night vision also ensures that you can see what's happening at night, even in... Read more


The person who orders the work must make sure that whoever carries out the EICR must be skilled and hold relevant qualification(s) and or Registered with... Read more

What is SPD and do I need one?


Surge Protection Device are used to protect the electrical installation, which consists of the Consumer Unit (Fusebox), Wiring System and Appliances, from electrical power surges known as... Read more

Why is my plug & socket getting hot?


Heat damage within a plug will cause the metal to turn darker, often with a multicoloured pattern. The plastic may also be melted, particularly around the contact. Typically, this happens... Read more


Residual Current Devices is should be part of your wiring system and will trip if fault occurs. We recommend RCBO protection combined with MCB for maximum safety and ... Read more

How do I know if my house needs a rewire and is safe?


The best way to make sure your house is electrically safe is to arrange an EICR with a registered electrician.You cannot see electricity. Cables are usually hidden inside our walls, and consumer units are often... Read more

Buying a New Home and Electrical Safety(EICR)


Currently in the UK, sellers are not legally obligated to provide a certificate of electrical safety to potential buyers. There were nearly 2.5 million residential sales in the UK in 2014-2015, research carried out by... Read more

Water Damaged Consumer Unit


I recently visited a property for a generic RCD and Circuit breakers tripping. The customer had a very bad leak in their bathroom just above the Consumer Unit/Fuse Board – the cold water pipe under the bath... Read more

Electrical Shock, what to do and how to prevent it in our home?


Prevention! Before we start I must remind everyone that in our homes we all have cables, wires, small and larger electrical appliances. It is the homeowners duty to make sure your family and... Read more

High Energy & High Petrol Prices, how to save on Energy cost at home?


If you are thinking of buying an EV (electric vehicle), probably now is the time. You could save on not just running cost, which must be lower for an EV, but on petrol, as it is 5x cheaper/year by using... Read more

What should you know before you buy an electric car?


Electric cars are much cheaper to run based on fuel costs alone. And when you factor in maintenance costs, electric starts looking like an even more attractive option – brake systems tend to last longer than on conventional vehicles, and... Read more

Rogue electricians and how to spot them?


Unregistered, unlicensed desperados, “builders” or electrician wannabes carry out electrical works across the UK, which they are not qualified to and simply shouldn’t touch. Botched electrical wiring may cause... Read more

How to Spot Unsafe Electrical Work and How to report it?


To prevent hazards and avoid dangerous situations, regular maintenance (Households every 10 years and for Landlords every 5 years) can prevent house fires and... Read more

Electrical DIY & the Don’t die for DIY Campaign!


We love a bit of DIY and many people turn to Google or Youtube for their new DIY project inspiration, see amazing results and save money by doing it themselves... Read more


Do you take your car to have an MOT? Well, I really hope you do and do you take it to a place where they do give you an MOT Certificate or do you just ask a person who knows how to... Read more

Would you allow an “Alien-electrician” to come to your home?


We have all seen the famous movie about the Alien on the spaceship and the tremendous effort they had made to get rid of it, however... Read more

Storm Eunice Red Warning & Electrical Safety in your home


Be prepared for power cuts! Make sure you know all the emergency phone numbers and you home insurance company numbers. Fully charge your mobile phone and electrical devices to be able to use, find your... Read more

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