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Do you take your car to have an MOT? Well, I really hope you do and do you take it to a place where they do give you an MOT Certificate as well or do you just ask a person who knows how to check a car to do it?

While getting an Electrical Installation Condition Report for private property owners and having a certificate called EICR is not mandatory currently in the UK, however All Home in the UK should have not older than 10 Years. But if you are a Landlord every 5 years is a must and (landlords encouraged to get EICR each time they change tenants!), Insurance companies, Goverment Bodies, Competent Person Scheme (CPS) Organizations and a National Charity called Electrical Safety First advise people to do so at least every 10 years and it is advised to get EICR Certificate after buying a property. And there is a very good reason why…

Did you know that around 4 people a day are injured or killed in fires related to eletrical faults, according to the goverment national statistics? Charities and local authorities are advising residents to have regular EICR check to ensure your electrics are safe.

Unfortunately, in the Uk 50% house fire caused by electric faults, 70 people killed and 350 000 people seriously injured EVERY YEAR. This is a shocking number and totally preventable by a simple EICR check, carried out by a qualified and CPS registered electrician, who MUST also provide you with a EICR Certificate. Unfortunately, most homeowners aren’t aware of the high risks, responsibilities and unsure of the preventative steps to take.

Why is it important to get our wiring system checked? It is getting more and more expensive to buy a home or get on the property ladder in these days, banks ask for higher deposits, so a property is one of if not the most expensive assest most people will own in their life, so it is important to make sure we look after it the best way possible. 

If you do not have an EICR Certificate (ideally a few years old but no older than 10 years) or if you just moved to a new home, regardless of the age of the property, you should get an EICR check and certificate! People often forget that we all have wires, switches, sockets, connector blocks, earth bonding, fuses, Consumer Unit, RCD protection and fixed electrical appliances in our home. Over time these wires get old and rusty, damaged or perhaps part of the electric system has been installed by a ,,cable monkey” unsafely.

It is not just unnecessary risk for our family members and property but can become very dangerous for our neighbours as well (especially if living in a flat, terraced or semi-detached house). If you fail to maintain your electrical system, insurance companies can use this against owners and refuse claims if they are result of electrical faults.

Luckily getting an EICR check and a Certificate is easy, cheap, tidy and relatively quick process for property owners. A competent electrician will check the condition against the UK standard for the safety of electrical installations, BS:7671 Requirements for Electrical Installations (IET Wiring Regulations). Your electrician should be an accredited, approved contractors such as NAPIT registered.

For more information on electrical safety and how to get regular maintenance, testing and protection please get in touch.

You must check if your electrician is qualified and also registered to carry out Domestic work under Part P and he must be registered with one of the 5 main organization, which you can check on the Competent Person scheme here.

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