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If you are concerned that your Consumer Unit in your property is too old or worried that it is unsafe you can contact us for a Free Site Visit / Quotation. We recommend replacing your unsafe Fuse Board to a new latest Wiring Regulation Compliant Fuse Box. Whether it is a Three Phase Board or Single Phase Consumer Unit we are NAPIT Certified to carry out any type of upgrades.

Read on and your questions will be answered.

Old Fusebox Replacement

Consumer Unit Upgrade

The Consumer unit or Fuse board is the single most important electrical device in your home distributing electricity through multiple circuits, serving different purposes. It provides protection to your home or workplace wiring system, electrical devices and safety to your whole family. A new modern Metal Fusebox does not cost the earth to maintain health & safety.

We’d like to highlight the fact that there are over 20,000 accidental electrical fires in the UK, so it is crucial to keep your household in electrical safety.

Old Fusebox Replacement

We offer installation of New Latest 18th Edition Metal Clad Consumer Units with built in Surge Protection Device and individual RCBO’s for maximum safety and convenience to all users.

If you'd like Additional or Secondary Consumer Unit in Workshop, Garage or outside an IP 65 Water Ingress Protective Fuseboxes we can help you to decide. Choosing the right type of replacement of your Fuseboard is crucial to keep your home wiring sytem's integrity which lasts for decades.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most common fault of the Fusebox is the Circuit Breaker Tripping. The tripped RCD (Residual Current Device) responsible for your safety and the MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) protects your wiring system. After disconnection, the faulty circuit(s) remains off position until the fault identified on that circuit. If the fault is unknown, we can carry out a Fault Finding Procedure on that circuit to find out what caused the Consumer Unit Tripping. 

If you notice a continuous or intermittent hum or buzz with a fishy burnt smell you must call an electrician to service your Fuseboard. Do not ignore it as it can cause fire, house fire and you will be left without power for an uncertain time. Electrical fire is dangerous and very difficult to deal with. The best option is to switch off all the Circuit Breakers (MCBs)  and the Main Switch. If the problem still persists go to your Meter Box and find out if there is a Main Supply Switch and turn it off. In worst case pull the Main Cut-out Fuse out with extra care and precaution as older types can blow.

The Plastic Consumer Units are deemed to be dangerous by the Latest 18th Edition Wiring Regulations, because they melt, fire hazardous and contain extremely toxic compounds. If you have an Old Version Plastic Fusebox and have not been tested regularly, do not ignore our safety advice.

Unfortunately, it can happen with anyone and if it happens and water penetrates inside the Fusebox it can harm irreversibly. Water damaged Consumer Unit components will corrode and you will lose the Electrical Safety in your home and it might affect your Home Insurance as well. The household Consumer Units are generally not Weatherproof Plastic or Metal and water can easily enter around the existing cables. 

Water Damaged Fuseboxes are no longer able to function as intended therefore it must be replaced after thorough inspection & testing.

If your Fusebox is outdated you should arrange for a replacement along with a Full Wire Test. At the moment, it is not compulsory to have EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) for domestic property owners, however the Wiring Regulations recommends to carry out in every 10 years maximum.

Old and outdated Fuse Boxes do not have RCD (Residual Current Device) which is a sensitive life protection element in your Consumer Unit reducing the electric shock in case of a fault. Electrocution can be fatal and not necessaraly happens immediately, please seek medical advice even if you feel normal. 

Newer version of Plastic Fuseboxes are still outdated but it can remain in service but should have RCD built in. You can see below some typical Old-Style Fuse Boards as an example without RCD (Life Protection Device):

If you choose a new Wiring Regulations Compliant called 18th Edition Consumer Unit we recommend a Metal Clad (case) Fuse Box with Surge Protection Device Fitted along with individual A type RCD combined MCB devices which are called RCBOs.

There are other cheaper alternatives as well on the market like Dual RCD Board or High Integrity Consumer Unit. On the contrary of the RCBO type units there are two Main RCDs splitting up your circuits 4-4 or 5-5 MCBs. If a fault occurs on a circuit the RCD will trip and disconnect half of your home's circuits which is quite a nuisance.

However, the RCBO Fusebox only disconnects one circuit at a time and you can easily identify the fault and be less interruptive, therefore we only install this type of Fuseboards and recommend the following well known Consumer box brands: Hager, Fusebox, Lewden, Contactum and many more.

The latest Wiring Regulations eased on Warning Sticker Rules and no longer is requirement to stick anything outside of your Fusebox. Flush Consumer Units are also a good choice if you wish to keep them away from sight and look more stylish in new or renovated properties where the Fusebox can be hidden behind plasterboards.

Not by law, however, you may invalidate your Home Insurance if your Fuse Box is no longer protects your Home Wiring System and can cause house fire. It is the homeowner responsibility to keep the Electrical Wiring System safe, maintained and regularly checked by a Registered and/or Qualified Electrician.

To Replace the Fuseboard depends of the number of circuits or "ways". If your home has a 10 Way Plastic Consumer Unit you might need either the same or a bigger 12 or 14 Way Fuse Box in case you wish to have additional circuits ie. EV Charger, Garden Light or Electrical Gate. in the future and avoid further unnecessary upgrades.

Usually, it takes from half a day to a day, if the Fuseboard is between 6 Way to 12 Way. Your Wiring System age is one of the main factors and during the wiring test it can reveal hidden existing faults which should be rectified during the Consumer Unit Replacement Procedure.

Fusebox costs are vary depending of your existing or new installation. Please call us and we can advise you on that. Residantial Fuse Boxes are much cheaper than larger Three Phase Commercial Fuse Boards and contains more circuits and distribute 400V.

Fortunately, yes it can be installed a Mini IP rated Fusebox outside to serve for EV Charger(s). We also recommend, depending of your existing wiring set up a new Surface Mounted or Flush Meter Box and install a medium size 4-6 Way Metal Clad Fuse Board inside to serve other external circuits, ie. Garden lights, Electrical Gate Supply and IP 65 Sockets.

If You Think It's Time To Replace Your Fuse Box Contact Us Now!

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