Old Fluorescent Tubes Are Banned!

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This is not a recent news, since the UK Government released this ban in 2021 to End of halogen light bulbs spells brighter and cleaner future. However, the deadline of this Legislation being brought forward and is rapidly aproaching which is now September 2023.

Why is it so important? Because in the UK currently around 2 thirds of bulbs sold in Britain are LED lights, making a considerable impact in improving the energy efficiency of the country’s buildings. They last 5 times longer than traditional halogen lightbulbs and produce the same amount of light – but use up to 80% less power.

Why Old fluorescent tubes are being banned in the UK?

For more information on electrical safety and how to replace old fluorescent tubes please get in touch.

The ban on old fluorescent tubes is part of the UK government's commitment to reducing hazardous waste and improving air quality. The government is encouraging businesses and consumers to switch to LED lights, which are more energy efficient and safer for the environment. The ban will come into effect on September 1, 2023. After this date, it will be illegal to sell, import, or distribute old fluorescent tubes in the UK. Businesses and consumers who have old fluorescent tubes will need to dispose of them properly. They can take them to a local recycling center or contact their local council for more information.

You must check if your electrician is qualified and also registered to carry out Domestic work under Part P and he must be registered with one of the 5 main organization, which you can check on the Competent Person scheme here.

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