Why is my plug and socket getting hot?

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We have all experienced in some form that our plug and/or socket was too warm or even hot that made us worry. Please note that electrical heat can damage not just your socket but all your part of appliance. 

Although, electrical appliances can get warm under light or heavy usage but the plugs, sockets or appliance's cord should not be. 

Common signs of faults: 


Heat damage within a plug will cause the metal to turn darker, often with a multicoloured pattern. The plastic may also be melted, particularly around the contact. Typically, this happens when you turn them either on or off. 

The picture behind the title was taken from an elderly couple's home upstairs next to their bed. They complained about the light but not even the burnt or heat damaged socket. It was quite alarming that elderly people over certain age are less able to distinguish or even notice such a dangerous situtation, therefore is vital to carry out EICR - Electrical Installation Condition Report in our home to avoid such scenarios.

What are the causes of electric heat?

Unwanted wire or plug heat come from electric arcing. It could be caused by poor or damaged insulation around cables or in other words conductors and loose connections. Damaged cable responsible for the popping sound or an arc flaw. If the cause is a damaged wire, the wiring cannot cope with the energy flowing, which is why the arcing takes place. 

Common causes:

EICR Testing & Inspection

What to do If the problem still persists?

We recommend regular Inspection & Testing of your home electrical wiring system at least 5 to 10 years or every time you move. Do not take electricity lightly as it can cause serious property and value damage, needless to say unnecessary risk of dwellers. 

In my recent experience, I was called out for this issue and I found out that the Ring Final (Socket Circuit) was broken, eventhough the Consumer Unit/Fusebox had been replaced few years ago.

Unfortunately, during house renovation, kitchen revamp or DIY works could cause more problems in the end by unskilled, self-appointed experts.

We recommend, to call out Registered Electricians from Electrical Competent Person Scheme website, where you can search from local electricians with a Registered National Body behind them, like NICEIC, NAPIT or STORMA. 

For more information on electrical safety and how to get regular maintenance, testing and protection please get in touch.

You must check if your electrician is qualified and also registered to carry out Domestic work under Part P and he must be registered with one of the 5 main organization, which you can check on the Competent Person scheme here.

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