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Cavendish Electricals & Services Limited supply and install Electric Gate Motors. Residential properties fall under Part P Building Regulation and therefore every Electric Gate Installation must be certified by a Competent Person. We are NAPIT registered Domestic & Commercial Electrician and certify all our electrical work. We will carry out a Free Site Survey to assess whether your gate is suitable without major modification and how we can install electrical points at the gate.
Here’s some information you need to know about getting your Automatic Gate Motor Fitted and how your Electric Gate Installer can help you make the right choice.
*Please note, we do not carry out ground work or gate installation, we only electrify it.

Electric Gate Motor Installation

Electric Gate Motor Installation

We offer Quality Swing & Sliding Gate Motor Installation services in Northamptonshire, ensuring that your new electric gate is installed alongside the best automatic gates around. Electric gates will be ideal for keeping your home secure while offering you convenient access.

We supply quality brushless electric gate motors with long lifetime and warranty, ensuring our customers' satisfaction. We recommend Beninca, Roger and Faac gate motors and we will customise it for maximum safety and demand.

Electric Gate Motor Replacement

We recommend Roger High-Speed Brushless Electric Gate Motors with a longer lifetime. If you choose Electric Gate Motor Replacement, we replace the Photocells and Wireless Safety Edges as well. If you wish to further improve your Electric Gate security, we can install Electric Gate Safety Lights and Security Mag-Locks. During the Automatic Gate Motor Replacement we will adjust your gate hinges, racks, gate guides and assess your gate working order in case more repair is required. 

We can also set up your new Automatic Gate Motor for your requirement to make sure the opening and closing sessions are satisfactory to your needs.

We’d like to highlight the fact that all outdoor electrical points require Part P Building Regulation. Cavendish Electricals & Services Limited is NAPIT Approved electrical company and able to install and certify single or 3 phase electrical points to your need.

Please read more below in our FAQ section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, if you have an Electric Gate without any certification may invalidate your home insurance. It is important to Install your Automatic Gate Motor by a Certified and Registered Professional Electrician. Electric Gate Motor Manufacturers also invalidate their Warranty if not an Approved Competent Person installed it.

You must have the following Certification for your Electric Gate Motor Installation:

Cavendish Electricals & Services recommends Beninca, Roger Technology, NICE, FAAC, Came and many more. Please contact us for Free Site Survey.

Proper care and maintenance are vital for ensuring your gate functions for years to come. Cavendish Electricals & Services limited offers maintenance and recommends at least once a year Automatic Gate Service. During the Service we check your Electric Gate existing problems, components, safety features and check if your gate requires any repair or modification. 

Automatic Driveway Gate Motor Installation costs vary, depending on the distance between your gate and Consumer Unit. Your existing gate is mechanically able to be electrified. Once we assess these factors we can supply you with budgeting information. Electric Gate Motor Kit with safety components typically cost around £600 - £800 for Sliding Gates and £400 - £1000 for Swing Gates.

Criminals are opportunist and determined, so an open entrance without a Secure Gate won't slow them down and with the right tools they can be inside within 15-20 minutes. So, gates are the first line of defence for protecting against unwanted visitors, therefore Electric Gates will deter burglars and thieves from trying to enter as they will deem it too difficult, magnetic locks or self-locking motors prevent your gates from being pushed open. And as there is a higher chance of getting caught or getting trapped inside it is often considered more hassle than it's worth.

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